Kasaba Evleri (Kasaba Houses)
Istanbul / Turkey


  • Project Name Kasaba Evleri (Kasaba Houses)
  • Project Type Residential
  • Investor İŞ GYO
  • Project Timeline 2021-2022
  • Constructor ANT YAPI
  • Gross Area 15,313 m2
  • Website www.isgyo.com.tr/kasaba/

Kasaba Evleri (Kasaba Houses)

Located in Ömerli, Istanbul, Kasaba Evleri (KasabaHouses), offer a comfortable life with their spacious and modern villas, surrounded by nature. The project consists of 4-bedroom, 5-bedroom and 6-bedroom villas, each with a garden, designed according to the buyers’ needs. Kasaba Evleri (Kasaba Houses), has both forest and pond views, offering the opportunity to those who want to enjoy life to socialize in nature, away from the noise of the city. The project includes cafes and restaurants, yoga and fitness halls, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, trail areas where you can walk and experience every shade of green, also a riding club, and both outdoor and indoor swimming pools.


detached villas

Riding Club