OKO Towers
Moscow / Russia


  • Project Name
    OKO Towers (Moscow City Plot 16) Multifunctional Hotel & Residence & Office Complex
  • Project Type
    Hotel, Office, Residence
  • Investor
    Capital Group
  • Project Timeline
    2011 – 2016
  • Constructor
    Ant Yapı RU
  • Gross Area
    264,000 m2

OKO Towers

OKO Towers which is the highest building in Europe attracts attention with its two towers, one with a height of 352 meters and 85 floors and the other with a height of 236 meters and 49 floors, rising on a crystal structure with 7 floors. One of the towers is used as offices and the other for residences, the residence tower which is the higher one at 352 meters, has the title of “the highest building in Europe” in Emporis.com which is world’s leading building database website. The towers have a total area of 290,000 square meters, 132,500 square meters of which are used for offices, 42,800 square meters for the hotel, and 83,700 square meters for residences.


square meters



The highest building in Europe