Mirny Airport
Mirny / Russia


  • Project Name
    Mirny Airport
  • Project Type
  • Investor
    Federal Air Transport Agency
  • Project Timeline
  • Constructor
    Ant Yapı RU
  • Gross Area
    take-off runways 3 km

Mirny Airport

Mirny aircraft terminal, being built in Mirny City, in the Yakutia region in Russia, will fill a significant gap in the region with its 3 kilometer long takeoff runways, artificial runway, and a parking apron for 18 vehicles of different classes of aircraft.

The project, which aims to solve the transport problem of the city of Mirny, which is rich in precious metals and is known as the belly button of the world due to the hole formed during their extraction, also has a special significance as it is the first state contract held by Ant Yapı in Russia. The aircraft terminal is also vital for the city of Mirny, to meet its transport challenges.


departure runway

First state convention of Ant Yapı in Russia

Parking apron for 18 vehicles