Residential Complex Foriver
Moscow / Russia


  • Project Name Residential Complex Foriver
  • Project Type Residential
  • Investor ООО «Инград»
  • Project Timeline 2021-2024
  • Constructor Antteq
  • Architect Semren & Mansson
  • Gross Area 282,241 m2

Residential Complex Foriver

The residential complex Foriver, located in the Simonovskaya district, one of the most unique places in Moscow, consists of 7 multi-floor towers on the first line of the coast, and 4 residential buildings with variable floors on the second line. The site, which was previously industrial storage facilities and was not open to visitors, is being developed as a modern residential area and a city park. Our project will provide for all aspects of a full social life; it will include areas to host events and meetings, a well-equipped recreation area, a wooden amphitheater, areas for creative activities, a pre-school education institution, a sports center with a large swimming pool, restaurants, cafes, shops, and a fitness club.