Residential Complex “Medniy 3.14”
Moscow / Russia


  • Project Name Residential Complex "Medniy 3.14"
  • Project Type Residential
  • Investor ООО "Capital Group"
  • Project Timeline 2019-2021
  • Constructor Antteq
  • Architect Sergey Skuratov
  • Gross Area 23,135 m2

Residential Complex “Medniy 3.14”

The residential complex “Medniy 3.14” consists of 3 blocks interconnected from the ground. The project has a two-storey underground car park with 148 parking spaces, storage rooms, and a children’s education club with a capacity for 45 students, all forming part of the infrastructure of the complex.

The project, designed for children to have a comfortable life, includes a park with a fountain, as well as a playground with swings, sand boxes, and a maze for children to enjoy. Medniy 3.14, stands out with its social facilities such as a swimming pool, football field, youth sports school, cafes, restaurants, and a sports complex with museums. It is also in a very convenient position with its proximity to transportation facilities.

Education club with a capacity for 45 students

Parking lot
for 148 vehicles