Port Alaçatı 1st Stage 1st Phase Beach Houses
Alaçatı - Izmir / Turkey


  • Project Name
    Port Alaçatı 1st Stage 1st Phase Beach Houses
  • Project Type
  • Investor
    Ant Yapı
  • Project Timeline
  • Constructor
    Ant Yapı TR
  • Architect
    AY Yapı / Ahmet Sayar- Turgut Çıkış, Ozan Mimarlık- Sevim Ozan, Consept Design- Atelier Xavier Bohl- Yves Spoerry
  • Gross Area
    27,500 m2
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Port Alaçatı 1st Stage 1st Phase Beach Houses

Port Alaçatı, whose concept architecture was developed by Atelier Xavier Bohl- Yves Spoerry, and endorsed by the famous French architect François Spoerry, is a special Ant Yapı project belonging to the architect Xavier Bohl, who has worked with Baykan Güray and Aykut Mutlu for many years. The project, built on an area of 27,500 square meters, includes 143 residences, a boutique hotel and restaurant, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and social areas. Port Alaçatı in Turkey is inspired by Port Grimaud in France, Rosas on the Costa Brava, and Sanctuary Cove in Australia, which are all world leading marine locations.


square meters



Consept Design
Atelier Xavier Bohl
Yves Spoerry