The 12th “International Proestate International Real Estate Investment Forum” (International Real Estate Investment Forum) in Moscow was held on September 19-21, 2018 at the Radisson Royal Hotel Convention Center.
Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Authority, Turkey and businessmen from Russia, ministers from Russia, Turkey and Russian investors in the real estate sector have met in a forum. Construction and urban areas in this forum new partnership and cooperation between Turkey and Russia were discussed.
Representatives of the Turkish construction world met at the lunche that was sponsored by Ant Yapı, and organized by Turkuaz Magazine Group.
The Arkiparc 2013 event, which targets bringing together the real estate sector and which was attended by many companies and employees, was held at the Haliç Congress Centre on 10-11 April. Ant Yapı was among the gold sponsors of the Arkiparc ’13 event. Within the scope of the organisation many booths in which projects were presented were established and panels where many issues concerning the sector were discussed were held. At the end of the event, the awards received by nominated candidates from many various fields as a result of the voting continuing through the event were announced.
The Arkiparc 2012 event that targets bringing the real estate sector together and that is attended by many companies and their employees was held in the Haliç Congress Centre on 28-29 March. Ant Yapı was among the bronze sponsorss of the Arkiparc ’12 event. Within the framework of the event, booths where projects were introduced, a prize project competition and panel discussions where many subjects pertaining to the sector were discussed were organised. One of the panels that were organised on the second day of the event was the “Residence Investments” panel. The Residence Investments panel was moderated by Mehmet Fatih Kara from Qatari Dİar Istanbul and attended by Ant Yapı Member of the Board Mehmet Okay, Mesa Mesken Member of the Board Can Aynagöz, Ege Yapı Chairman of the Board İnanç Kabadayı and Nef İnşaat General Manager Erden Timur as panellists. The condition of the construction sector, the 2B law, the law on the sale of residences to foreigners, the law on urban transformation, a general evaluation of 2011 and the expectations from 2012 were among the subjects discussed at the panel.

On its 20th anniversary, Ant Yapı sponsored the event “Romantic Breezes from Russia” that will be presented by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra in Istanbul. The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, which was chosen the “Orchestra of the Year" at the Donizetti 2011 Classical Music Awards, met music lovers from Istanbul on 16-17 December 2011. The concert that was held at the Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Hall was conducted by BSO Art Director Işın Metin. The works of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff were performed at the concerts which featured violinist Cihat Taşkın and pianist Emre Elivar.

The “Art Alaçatı Summer Fest”, the target of which is to bring new life into the holiday culture of Alaçatı with its historical texture and fabulous nature through art, design and music, met art lovers with events organised between 26 July – 15 September. During the festival, among the sponsors of which was Ant Yapı, works created by Turkey’s foremost artists and designers in the fields of art, sculpture, photography and video art were exhibited in restaurants, cafés, hotels and galleries that are prominent in Alaçatı due to their special architecture. The Antmare Boutique Hotel opened by Ant Yapı last year hosted Suzy Hug Levy’s work “I believe in angels” during the festival.

The Alaçatı Herb Festival, the first of which was organised last year, was held this year between 2-3 April 2011. Created in order to contribute to the culture and advertisement of Alaçatı, the festival was organised under Ant Yapı’s sponsorship. On the second day of the festival, which started on 2 April with a parade, food prepared of herbs were presented to the members of the jury and the attendants. It is planned that the festival, which attracted much interest during those two days with its herb foods as well as its children’s activities on the environment and nature, music concerts, book signing events and sale and exhibition areas, is rendered traditional.

The Bodrum Cup regatta, the 22nd of which was organised this year, was conducted under the sponsorship of Ant Yapı and MM Proje. During the regatta the yachts completed the 84-mile Bodrum – Didim – Kalymnos – Bodrum route. Yacht enthusiasts and foreign press showed great interest in the organisation under which 55 yachts competed. 22. The winner of the Bodrum Cup regatta was s/y Montenegro.

The Sister Cultures Festival, the 2nd of which was organised in 2010 by the Municipality of Ataşehir, was conducted in June. Ebru Gündeş, bağlama virtuoso Erol Parlak, Kardeş Türküler, Yavuz Bingöl, Sebahat Akkiraz and many other artists performed during the 13-day festival. Ataşehir Mayor Battal İlgezdi thanked Ant Yapı for its contributions to the festival and presented an award as a memento of the night.

Ant Yapı was the sponsor of our Wrestling Youth National Team for 2006. Our young wrestlers returned from the Youth Wrestling Championship that was held in Guatemala with 4 gold and 2 bronze medals as runner-up. Also, the Wrestling Youth National Team, which competed in the 22nd International Republic Cup, made us proud in freestyle wrestling by achieving the World 1st prize.
The races that lasted for four days under the Fenerbahçe Sailing Festival, the 3rd of which was organised by the Fenerbahçe Sports Club this year, became the scene for hard competition. Considering support provided to sports as a social responsibility issue, Ant Yapı took place among the sponsors of the festival as it did in 2005.