ENR (Engineering News Record) that record the list of the largest in the global contracting industry was second to Turkey with the company 46 in the list prepared by taking into consideration the project revenues obtained last year.
Ant Yapı has maintained its 86th position in the ENR 250 list and was one of the top 10 Turkish companies on the list "World's Largest 250 International Contractors, 2018".

Ant Yapı is among the biggest 250 international contractors in the world in this year again ! Our group has been among the ranking of 250 contractors generating the most business as being published by Engi-neering News Record (ENR) Magazine and our group is also awarded by Turkish Contractors Association. Ant Yapı which has risen to 86th row on the list of world’s biggest 250 international contractors, also received an award from Turkish Contractors Association. An award assembly is organized on the 22nd of February, Wednesday at Ankara Sheraton Hotel and Congress Center for 40 Turkish companies being ranked among 250 contractors generating the most business in international area as published on TMB, ENR Magazine.

Ant Yapı has added a new one to its green building certifications awarded for sustainability and environmentally friendly buildings. The Anthill Residence project was awarded the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certificate. Within the scope of this certificate, the candidate building is assessed in the headings such as building management, health, energy, transportation, materials / wastes, water, land use, ecology, pollution and innovation.

Many Ant Yapı buildings built and being built in Turkey and in the world are green certified. As a pilot project, Antteras has added a very important link to this chain by taking the ÇEDBİK (Environment Friendly Green Buildings Association) Housing Certificate, which was given for the first time in Turkey. We are proud to crown our sensitivity in green buildings and sustainability by certifications…

Ant Yapı (Construction company) was on the 2016 list of Top 250 International Contractors being announced by ENR (Engineering News Record)magazine . Ant Yapı which ranked as 92nd on the same list last year, has risen to 86th row this year as being the 5th one among Turkish companies while proving how successful they are one more time.

1 Ekim 2013 tarihinde, "Yurtdışı Müteahhitlik ve Teknik Müşavirlik Sektörü Değerlendirme Toplantısı ve Ödül Töreni"nde, Engineering News Record (ENR) Dergisinin 2013 yılı için yaptığı değerlendirmede dünyanın en büyük 250 müteahhitlik firması arasına giren Ant Yapı, 38 müteahhitlik ve 4 teknik müşavirlik firmasının temsilcilerinin de bulunduğu firmalar arasından seçilerek ödüle layık görülmüştür.

The visitors, participants, speakers and members of the press attending ArkiPARC 2013, held on 10 – 11 April 2013 in the Haliç Congress Centre, voted for the three finalists nominated by the jury for each of the fields of “Residence, Office, Hotel, Shopping Mall, Alternative Investments and Multiple Use”. As a result of the voting held during the event, Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Asia in Ataşehir received first prize for the Hotel Category of the ArkiPARC 2013 Real Estate Awards held on 11 April 2013.

In the Research for Turkey’s Most Successful Real Estate Investments, Anthill Residence, Ant Yapı’s twin towers, was nominated the most successful project in the smart house category and was awarded 1st prize. The results of the research, the second of which was organised supported by the Capital, Ekonomist and Maison Française magazines and and which is considered as Turkey’s real estate Oscars, were announced at a ceremony held in Grand Hyatt Hotel on 30 January.
The award won by Anthill Residence in the Smart Home category was presented to Ant Yapı Member of the Board Mehmet Okay during the event which was attended by prominent companies of the Turkish real estate sector, media corporations and the real estate press. The research, in which outstanding real estate investments are chosen in 12 different categories, aims at encouraging investment in the Turkish real estate sector and sharing with the public the development of the sector, as well as making a contribution to the sector.

According to the results published by the ENR (Engineering News Record) magazine, ANT YAPI ranked 131st among the 225 greatest international engineering companies. Ant Yapı has maintained its place among the 225 greatest construction companies of the world since 2009.

Ant Yapı ranked 40th in the Corporations Tax Champions list announced by the Head of the Istanbul Tax Office for the 2010 tax year.

After last year, Ant Yapı received an award this year too in the “Foreign Contracting Services Award” organisation held by the Turkish Contractors’ Union. Ant Yapı was given its award by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ant Yapı was given the same award in 2009 too.

The culture centre constructed in the city of Fojnica in Bosnia-Herzegovina with the contributions of Ant Yapı and the Municipality of Ümraniye was opened. The inauguration ceremony was attended by European Union Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış, Bosnian Member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Bakir Izzetbegovic, Fojnia Mayor Salkan Merdzanic, Ümraniye Mayor Hasan Can, Ant Yapı Member of the Board Mehmet Okay and many MPs and bureaucrats. The culture centre comprising 3 storeys shall serve the Bosnians with its conference hall, library, and computer and multipurpose activity rooms.

Ant Yapı ranked 93rd in the 2010 issue of the list of companies with the largest business volume, which is published every year by “Engineering News Record” (ENR), the international construction sector magazine. The list comprises international construction companies that enter the first 225 in the world ranking.

Any Yapı ranked 72nd in the taxpayers list published every year by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Ant Yapı, which ranks among the first 100 among tax champions of Turkey, was given the 2009 High-Level Corporations Tax Taxpayer Over Earnings award by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Ant Yapı ranked 70th in the “World’s Greatest 225 International Contractors” list published every year by “Engineering News Record (ENR), the international construction sector magazine. In the list where 31 Turkish companies entered the ranking this year, Ant Yapı ranked 3rd among Turkish Contractor companies.

The “Foreign Contracting Services Achievement Awards” given by the Turkish Contractors’ Union to construction companies achieving success abroad have found their owners. During the award evening, Ant Yapı Chairman of the Board Kadir Tokman received the award from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister Zafer Çağlayan.

Entering the taxpayers list published by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Ant Yapı was awarded the 2008 Taxpayer Bronze Medal of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Antrium Residence, which is among Ant Yapı’s projects, was found worthy of the first prize in the “Application Competition” held every year by the company Ytong. The plaque for the project that was chosen the Best Worksite of 2006 was received by Member of the Board Hasan Yılmaz and General Manager Cengiz Karaduman on behalf of Ant Yapı.

Kurtuluş Taşkent, Turkey’s Ambassador to Moscow, sent Ant Yapı a letter of appreciation for its successful work in the Federation B Tower project carried out by Ant Yapı in Moscow City. In the letter he sent due to the important projects Ant Yapı has carried out in Turkey and the Russian Federation, Ambassador Taşkent wished Ant Yapı continued success.