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Company Name    Ant Yapı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Year of Foundation    13.12.1991
Activities    All Types of Infrastructure and Superstructure Works in the Construction Sector


To keep the growth and development constant, to take part in the front row in the sector.


Never compromise on quality, contemporary, cost-effective solutions Projects, delivering the business in accordance with its rules at the time of commitment. By bringing a different dimension to the sector, reflecting the changes and innovations in every aspect of the business with its young and dynamic structure.

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Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to understand our customers' expectations and achieving perfection by working in conformity to specifications and standards.

The basic principles supporting our policy:

  • Targeting perfection
  • Working efficiently in order to add value
  • Acting according to the principle of continuous development
  • Taking responsibility of quality with all our management and employees
  • Increasing our skills and understanding of quality through education
  • Encouraging harmony, activity and creativity through teamwork
  • Cooperating with our subcontractors at every opportunity with an eye to continuous development and an approach of mutual benefit

Our Environmental Policy

We undertake that, We shall, in all our efforts to protect the environment and in all our relations, maintain this high standard in compliance with national and international legislation, in cooperation with official bodies and in communication with the society, in the light of ethical values,

We shall, as a prominent member of the construction sector, adopt as our foremost principle, in keeping with the principles of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, the prevention of waste while consuming materials and energy, choosing technology, installing and operating worksites and using natural resources, the protection of the environment and the reduction of waste and leftovers in all our operations and returning these to the country economy through recycling,

We shall ensure the continuous development of our Environmental Management System by assigning new objectives and targets each year, we shall accordingly give importance to education and activities to encourage the protection of the environment and human health and shall always give priority to the environmental factor.

Ohs Policy

Our Worker Health And Occupational Safety Policy Our company considers the protection, at all costs, of the health and safety of its employees and the continuous improvement of the work environment while conducting all kinds of infrastructure and superstructure operations at the highest quality among its foremost objectives. Within this context we undertake to provide and maintain the following points.

Ensuring that occupational health and safety risks are eliminated or minimised by taking precautions beforehand.

Complying with applicable OHS-related legislation and administrative regulations.

Providing all employees with training in order to create an awareness in their individual OHS responsibilities.

Periodically reviewing the OHS Policy in order to maintain compliance with conditions and ensuring continuous improvement in OHS-related subjects.

Sharing OHS experience with public and private sector corporations and non-governmental organisations.

Human Resources

We Are Partners With You

We can achieve even greater success as long as we are backed by our employees who trust in us and in themselves. This is because we know that your willingness and our experience come together to form a harmonious partnership. We unite our forces in order to be able to see that we can do better together.

We Are Responsible for Our Employees

The health and safety of our employees is our priority in Ant Yapı. It is our responsibility to protect them and improve their conditions without exception. We are aware of the fact that the working environment is the most important factor for our employees. For this reason we strive to continuously improve our conditions.

We Fully Believe in Teamwork

Each project we build is the result of perfect teamwork. We have a strength that we put forward with our employees, who always follow innovation, make their best efforts every day to achieve what is better and create solutions under all circumstances. We carry on working with the inspiration brought by this strength and together build even greater happiness.

Welcome Aboard

You will be working for one of the 100 greatest companies of the world and will see your own efforts and strength materialise in each success we achieve. Welcome aboard in advance.