Social Responsibility

New vocational departments were added to the Yeditepe Special Education Vocational High School, which provides education in Ataşehir with the aim to provide children with impaired hearing with vocations and to prepare them for higher education. Ant Yapı made a contribution to the Yeditepe High School for the Hearing Impaired by founding a workshop to provide training in the field of catering. The ceremony held on 24 January at 14.00 for the opening of the new departments was attended by Ataşehir district governor Turgut Çelenkoğlu, Ataşehir District sDirector of National Education Halil Asılsoy, Ataşehir Deputy-Mayor Sadık Kayhan, Ant Yapı Member of the Board Mehmet Okay and General Manager Cengizhan Karaduman. During the ceremony Ant Yapı was presented an acknowledgment plaque for its contributions.
Currently the school provides education on four fields, namely Printing-Post Printing, Catering, Pastry-Kitchen, Information Technologies-Web Design, Clothing Production Technologies-Ready Made Clothing Machining.


Announcing that it would contribute to the “One Heart for Van" campaign following the Van earthquake, Ant Yapı kept its promise with the 3 preschools it built in two districts of Van. To Any Yapı, which presented the social responsibility project carried out by the Centre for Social Development (TOGEM) with 3 preschools with a total of 12 classrooms, a plaque of appreciation was presented by Emine Erdoğan, spouse of the Prime Minister, on behalf of TOGEM. Philanthropists who built preschools in various provinces took their plaques from Emine Erdoğan at the ceremony held in Ataşehir Radisson Blu Hotel.
The foundation of the Kirazlıtepe Life Centre, which targets the easy access of the inhabitants of the region to culture and sports activities and which contains swimming pools, conference and sports halls, a cafe, a restaurant and a view terrace, was laid. The construction works of the centre were undertaken by Ant Yapı, which considers taking part in social responsibility projects a duty.
The Kirazlıtepe Life Centre that was designed by the Municipality of Üsküdar shall consist of 3 functions, namely a Regional Culture Centre, Regional Etude Centre and a Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre. Containing a multipurpose hall with 800 seats, 2 swimming pools, fitness halls, 7 classrooms, 3 handiwork rooms and a sales store, the Kirazlıtepe Life Centre shall also have a closed parking lot for 30 vehicles, a restaurant of 150 square metres and a viewing terrace of 365 square metres with a view of the Bosporus. The Kirazlıtepe Life Centre shall be opened in 2013.
Participating in the ‘One Heart for Van’ campaign, which is among the aid campaigns initiated following the severe earthquake that occurred in Van, Ant Yapı has started works for the school that it will build in Van. Minister of Education Ömer Dinçer presented Ant Yapı, which signed a protocol in Ankara for the Van School, with a plaque of appreciation. The construction of the school building will start in near future.

Ant Yapı has lent its support to the ‘Let’s Break Down the Walls and Open Our Hearts to Stray Animals' campaign initiated by 120 primary school students from Alaçatı. Children aged between 11 and 13 sold the clay bricks they built under the supervision of their visual arts teacher Özen Köseoğlu and ceramic artist Serap Yurdaer Erboy and donated the income to the Çeşme Animal Shelter. With its awareness of social responsibility, Ant Yapı supported the campaign by purchasing these pretty bricks prepared by the children in order to use them in various places of the Antmare Boutique Hotel.

The Ümraniye Cemil Meriç Culture Centre, the project and application of which was financed by Ant Yapı, will be managed by the Municipality of Ümraniye. The culture centre that will serve the people of Ümraniye comprises a library, classrooms and a conference hall with 200 seats.

Lions Club presented Ant Yapı, which contributed to the construction of the Zeynep Kamil Hospital Neonatal Surgery Service, with a plaque of appreciation.

The “Skin Diving Sports, Diving Physiology and Diving Emergencies Symposium" was held at the Rahmi Koç Museum on Saturday, May 12th. During the activity that was organised under Ant Yapı’s sponsorship, experts provided information on important subjects such as skin diving, measures to be taken in cases of emergencies during skin diving and first aid. The symposium attracted much attention.
The Alaçatı International Sculpture Symposium organised between 18 June – 17 July attracted much attention. During the activities, the Municipality of Alaçatı presented Ant Yapı with a plaque of appreciation due to its contributions.
It is planned that education scholarships should be provided to children of low-income families from the income to be obtained from waste paper to be collected in the “Waste Paper Collection” boxes under the campaign initiated by the Kadıköy Lions Club in the Mavisu Residence blocks. The campaign, which has progressed rapidly thanks to contributions made by the inhabitants of the estate, will be initiated in other housing estates too.